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Landscape Gardener Watford

Choosing a landscape gardener in Watford.

Most people get used to their gardens. All the little quirks and annoyances become part of everyday life. Sometimes a change, however, can rejuvenate your space completely. Getting a landscape gardener in Watford can make the world of difference to your outdoor space. Here are some reasons Warnes Lawns could help you could transform your property:

  • Create, amend or extend your driveway. If you have to reverse into traffic out of your drive on a daily basis, creating a turning circle can make your life much less stressful. Many households have multiple cars and older properties were not built to accommodate this as cars were considered a luxury item. Warnes Lawns can enhance yourdrive to increase your off road parking potential.
  • Walls and fencing can be imperative if you have small children or pets and can give your garden a lovely finished look. Warnes Lawns can work with you tocreate boundaries that compliment your house and garden.
  • Sheds - these are ideal extensions of the homeand garden and can free up space. They come in all sizes or can be custom builtby our skilled staff at Warnes Lawns to fit in youravailable space neatly and therefore maximise your outdoor space. Sheds are perfectfor decluttering the house and garden of all tools, gardening cushions andhousehold hardware.
  • Planting –You can overhaul your drab garden simply with some careful planting. A landscape gardener in Watford can show you how to make the most of your garden with different plants to take advantage of poor soil, great sunlight, water logged areas etc… Warnes Lawns are a local company and have extensive knowledge of local weather and soil. Our gardening staff can choose the best plants for your garden for maximum impact, shade or colour.
  • Redesign – you can go back to square one and redesign your whole garden to incorporate everything you want and need. With Warnes Lawns you will have an experienced landscape gardener inside Watford that will know where to source the best materials so if you want a decked garden, Mediterranean themed oasis or simply a children friendly space, our gardeners can design and complete your project with ease.