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Tree Surgery Services in Watford

Warnes Lawns carry out tree surgery in Watford and surroundinglocal areas. We have all the relevant training, certificates and insurance togive you peace of mind that you are in safe hands. With many satisfiedcustomers and testimonials to prove our excellent customer service skills, weare confident that our highly skilled team can deal with all your tree surgeryrequirements.

What can Warnes Lawns do foryou?

Tree maintenance

Tree surgery inWatford can involve several different approaches:

  • Crown reduction – ideal for reducing the sizeand shape of a tree. If a tree is resting on boundaries or buildings, crownreduction can solve this problem.
  • Crown thinning – ideal for keeping the shape butreducing the volume. This can allow more light to be created. It can also beused for structural reasons or health reasons for the tree.
  • Crown lifting – ideal for lifting the bottomheight of a tree, allowing people to walk safely under it. Low hanging branchescan be incredibly dangerous to property, vehicles and people. Warnes Lawns can remove these safely and quickly toavoid any accidents or damage.

Stump Removal

Removing stumps can be a difficult job. Warnes Lawns have the necessary tools and equipment tocarry out tree surgery in Watfordand remove any remaining tree stumps, small or large. Smaller stumps can be dug out by hand, largerstumps will need stump grinding and in some cases stumps can be poisoned andallowed to rot over time.

Tree Felling

Removing dead or dying trees can be important for safetyreasons. When bad weather comes, treesin bad health can be blown down and cause untold damage and inconvenience. Warnes Lawns canidentify potentially dangerous trees and remove them.

Our local knowledge means Warnes Lawns can effectively carry out tree surgery in Watford and adhere tolocal regulations and have knowledge of green belt and protected areas andlocal species of trees.