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Patios Services and Maintenance in Watford

Warnes Lawns can provide awide range of services for patios in Watford.Whether you want to create a new patio or maintain an existing one, Warnes Lawns can offer you a completely professionalservice.

What services can Warnes Lawns offer you?

  • Patio maintenance

Everyone knows keeping your lawn and garden borders takestime and effort, but maintaining a patio appears to be easy. This is notstrictly true. Keeping the gaps weed free and the actual slabs clean can take alot of work. A patio that has not been looked after can look terrible and ruinthe look of your garden and outdoor space. Warnes Lawnscan jet wash your patio to ensure the paving stones are kept clean andweed free. When moss and grime builds up on the slabs, the surface can becomeslippery and dangerous so Warnes Lawns can makesure your patio remains useable and safe for children, pets and older relativesto walk on.

  • New patio

Making use of outdoor space is important to maximise yourpotential. Adding a patio can allow a barbeque area, outdoor seating and anadditional area for pot plants and tubs. In the summer, a patio can be afabulous space to enjoy a cold drink and a quiet book or to host social eventsand enjoy the summer season. If you havea small garden or courtyard, a patio can be a very low maintenance areapreferable to having to store a lawnmower for a small lawn area. Warnes Lawns can work with you to create and designyour perfect outdoor space, ensuring you get a patio that meets your needsexactly.

Because we are local, building patios around Watford means we can source good quality materialsfor excellent prices. Warnes Lawns are fully insured and highly skilled toproduce exactly what you need and create your gardening vision.